Coast Landscape was incorporated in 1980 in Anaheim, CA by its founder, Richard Bond, after relocating to California from Houston Texas. Upon seeing the vast difference in the quality of landscape care and appearances in the two states, he considered the possibility of starting his own landscape business. He discovered several opportunities that existed in the landscaping of residential and community sectors of the County. Simultaneously, the property management industry, that provides management to H.O.A’s and commercial properties, was beginning to expand, and was also looking for landscape companies to provide this service. 

Coast was eventually able to meet the qualifications and provide full service through this medium to the HOA communities sector. 

So, after starting out on a smaller scale, servicing shopping centers, super markets, and small commercial properties, Coast concentrated on the professional management industry and devoted its attention to these specific requirements. Since its inception, Coast has operated a full service landscape company, winning numerous landscape awards through the CLCA, and has concentrated its focus on landscape service to the specific needs of the HOA market by providing continuous and reliable service to its customers.